Design and manufacturing of complex electronics
Since 2021, Gaodi Rus has been part
of the DANNIE group
Metro Rail Chain Controller
Face Recognition Time Tracker
Payment terminal for transport and vending
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About us
DANNIE group has been engaged in contract manufacturing. Our offices are located in Vilnius, Moscow and Shenzhen. For several past years, we have been the fastest growing company in the contract manufacturing market.
Our clients are both startups and major corporations from around the world, including several companies from the global Fortune 500 list
Optimal price
We reduce prices by optimizing supply chains and direct contracts with vendors. We open procurement prices and our commission to the customer.
Consistent quality
The company has a quality control system in accordance with ISO 9001 and traceability has been introduced at all stages, from procurement to the finished products.
Our information system covers the processes of procurement, logistics, circuit board assembly, final assembly, as well as marketing and financial accounting. If necessary, it easily integrates with customer systems.

We help to create successful products
Many products designed and manufactured by us are sold in hundreds of thousands and millions of copies. You are surely meet them every day in shops, offices, on the streets and in transport.

Nowadays, electronics manufacturers are working in conditions of fierce competition with both global corporations and Asian companies. Obtaining a competitive price is an important but not the only task for releasing a successful product. Our experience gained in various industries, in projects of various sizes and with very different customers, often helps us bring new qualities to the product that increase its value for the end customer and ensure commercial success.
But in purely price competition, we have something to offer. Our own procurement office in Shenzhen, a continuously operating production in China, gives our customers a complete understanding of price reduction opportunities and the flexibility to define a production strategy for each specific product and each sales market.