Final assembling
A manual assembly line flexibly customizable to the customer's needs. Modern equipment and ESD protection on-site with PCBA. Experience with various projects: from wearable electronics to server racks and complex mechatronics.
Manual soldering: cables, connectors, etc.
Final assembly
and packaging
Lettering: stickers or
laser engraving
HiPot and
functional testing
Reverse logistics
and repair
Photos of the assembly facility
Organization of supply and delivery of components to the customer

  • Bin location warehousing of the finished products, spare parts and components, control of regulatory reserves
  • Printing and signing shipping documents by proxy of the customer
  • Tracking the statuses of shipments and working with problem deliveries
  • Order-picking on the customer invoices and shipment through transport companies to consumers
MES - manufacturing execution system
The manufacturing monitoring system allows us to control every process and provide our customers with all the necessary information through a convenient dashboard that can be used even from a smartphone.
Payment terminal for vending and transport
Robot for issuing tobacco products at the cash register
Time tracking system with face recognition
Project examples