Energy industry
Smart metering and uninterrupted power
Design and production of power electronics is an independent and rather complex field of the electronics industry. Work with high voltages and currents, achieving good efficiency indicators, ensuring the reliability and functionality of devices - all this requires wide experience in project implementation and deep competencies of employees.
Smart industrial electricity meter
Industrial electricity meter resistant to climatic, mechanical and electromagnetic influences.

Implemented a project for serial production of PCBA for the meter.
Before the start of the project, a DFM analysis was conducted, during which the circuitry of the board was optimized for better reliability and lower installation costs.
Also, BOM was redesigned and optimized. With this, we solved the problem of ensuring the stable availability of all components and optimizing the price of the device.
A line of semi-automatic testing of ready-made PCBAs was created so that the customer always received only guaranteed operable devices.
Our role:

Professional uninterruptible power supply
Produced in Russia a professional 3000 Watt UPS with double conversion.

PCBs, custom transformers and radiators, a cooling system and a display were developed.
The main task was to design a board which, taking into account a large number of massive components on it, could allow to optimize the installation price and not to impede the application of a protective coating.
Also, a productive and silent cooling system was implemented, which ensures stable operation of the UPS under high load.
Our role: