Case manufacturing
Production of metal and plastic casings. We are ready to take on the full cycle of manufacturing the device casing - design, prototyping, manufacturing of molds and dies, and up to serial production
Screen printing
and pad printing
Painting, soft touch
and shielding
Manufacturing of metal and plastic cases is one of the key areas of instrument engineering in which we are ready to offer customers high-level expertise.
Manufacturing of the housing for an electronic device often requires a combination of a variety of different technologies. The combination of appearance requirements, mechanical strength, heat dissipation, moisture protection and maintainability requires deep competencies from developers and case manufacturers. Our company has experience in creating metal and plastic casings for many different products and very different operating conditions.

During manufacturing of sheet metal products, our customers have access to a wide range of purchased hardware used in manufacturing of computers, servers and telecommunications equipment.

In the production of plastic parts, we work with experienced contractors, with whom we have already implemented several complex projects using the IP67 degree of protection, two-component casting, and various kinds of surface finishing. The lettering is made by both pad printing and laser engraving.

As a result, our customers' products have an excellent appearance combined with the necessary mechanical properties
Experience in manufacturing of various types of casings

POS terminals
Server racks
Special appliances
Car accessories