Other electronic devices
Consumer Electronics, Smart Home Systems, etc.
Device for the automatic preparation of baby food
After touching a button the device automatically prepares the baby formula of the desired temperature and consistency.

A device design project was implemented, which included a PCBA kit, a casing, and mechanics.
The complex seven element casing is made of safe plastic. All opaque elements have soft touch coating.
The most difficult task was designing of mechanical elements – the block of supplying water and dry components, the block of mixing and heating. The result was the accuracy and stability of dosages, complete mixing to homogeneous consistency without lumps of any dry baby formula.
Express prototypes were manufactured for this project. These prototypes did not differ in quality from serial copies.
Our role:

A Kit of Equipment for Monitoring the Environment in Telecommunication Equipment Stations
We implemented a project of mass production of a kit of environmental control modules for rooms. Complex telecommunication equipment operates in these modules.

The kit consists of six boards. The main board runs on the Allwinner A64 processor and Linux OS.
Before the start of production, a DFM analysis had been performed. The BOM had been substantially redesigned. The result was a tangible cost reduction and stable component availability.
Also, the circuitry of the board was redesigned in order to increase reliability.
Customized displays were designed and produced for one of the modules, which took six weeks.
Our role:

X86 Thin Client
Thin client on a processor of the Intel Atom series with passive cooling, without moving parts, which significantly increases its uptime. A smart card reader is built into the PC casing to ensure safe loading of the employee's work environment. The thin client has an adapter for mounting on the back of the monitor with a standard VESA mount.

We have developed the layout of the computer, designed and manufactured the casing. Assembling, testing and downloading software was developed at our facility.
Our role:

Data collection terminal
A secure terminal for collecting data on the Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset, equipped with a barcode scanner, a capacious battery with the ability to be replaced without disconnecting the device, a contact smart card reader for an electronic signature and a resistive display for working in harsh conditions.

The smart terminal of a railwayman was one of the earliest projects of our team, in which we managed to design and produce an extremely complex product for a very competitive market. The terminal motherboard was developed in collaboration with Qualcomm licensed design center, and totally more than ten different highly specialized contractors were involved in creating the terminal: from developing a custom display to moisture-proof casing gaskets.
The project was implemented in the shortest possible time: only five months from the idea to getting a pilot batch.