PCB assembly
Modern PCBA manufacturing with environmental control and the ability to manufacture technically complex modules: with components 01005, with BGA-housings, with a high output density, as well as with massive elements.
Productive SMT line with AOI and SPI
Coating: manual and CNC
Wave soldering and selective soldering
Short SMT line for prototypes and small batches
DIP and THT:
manual installation
Firmware uploading
and testing
Full support for the entire product life cycle: from installing several circuit boards for prototypes to efficient mass production.
Our production completely covers all the tasks of installing electronic modules for various devices: from portable mobile gadgets with high mounting density and small components to units of power electronics with a large number of output components, with massive transformers and connectors. The configuration of manufacturing lines allows you to produce both single boards and mass production.

The equipment allows mounting of SMD components from 0201 in size, μBGA, FinePitch chips from 0.3 mm to 55x55 mm with an accuracy of up to 0.035 mm. For this purpose the line is equipped with a solder paste application machine with an optical centering system, automatic solder paste application inspection (SPI) and automatic optical inspection (AOI).

The terminal mounting section is equipped with a wave soldering installation, as well as a selective soldering machine. If necessary, a protective coating is applied to the board manually or with a CNC machine.

An important element of production is the section of testing and embedding of the firmware. The work is performed on special snap-in accessories, providing high performance and reducing the risk of mechanical damage to the board. All information on the test results, indicating the serial numbers, the exact time and the employee who completed each operation, is entered into the manufacturing system and is available to the customer on-line.
IPC-A-600 - PCB acceptance

ESD - Protection of workplaces and premises
Storing in accordance with FIFO principles
5S - Organization of workplaces
J-STD-001 - Soldering requirements
IPC-A-610 - Acceptance of electronic assemblies
IPC-A-620 - Cable and flex cable mounting
Marking and traceability
We are convinced that the quality of finished products directly depends on manufacturing standards, so we strictly monitor their implementation.
Tablet motherboard, 10 layers, components up to 0201
Flexible circuit board for automobile peripherals
Board with large transformers
Device Examples