Supply of components
Our company cooperates with the largest global, Russian and Chinese distributors of electronic components. We purchase directly from manufacturers of printed circuit boards, displays, touch panels, connectors and many other components worldwide. We also have direct contracts with many manufacturers of electronic and electromechanical components, which allows us to manage supplies much better and to achieve more favorable prices and terms.
Electronic Components
Displays and touch panels
Electronic modules
Sensors and optics
Primary and rechargeable batteries
Connectors and electromechanics
Open BOM principle
We strive for minimum prices for each BOM line and open all the information to our customers. This enables collaboration in optimizing component prices, obtaining favorable project prices from suppliers, and analyzing advantages and disadvantages.

As a result of this interaction, our customers have a complete control over the cost structure of their products, and can develop their competencies in organizing the work of their own supply service

Purchase cycle
Converting BOM to the standard
DFM analysis, checking for EOL and availability
ABC analysis of components by price
Selection and coordination of analogues
Quoting of components in
Request to vendors and global
Working out the optimal
Ordering of components
Component acceptance
Shipment to the production site
Financial services
We get attractive payment terms from suppliers and pass them to our customers.
Ordering of components
Supply of components
Assembly and testing
Shipment to
Payment from customer
Delays from suppliers
Delays from contractors
Credit and factoring
The date of payment for components and services of contractors is shifted to a later date
Audit and development of suppliers
Audits and development of suppliers, combined with incoming quality inspection, give our customers confidence in the reliability and consistent quality of components.
Development and implementation of a correcting action plan in case something goes wrong.
Selection of the primary and secondary suppliers for critical components to motivate their competing to each other.
Assessment of suppliers based on the results of each period, regular audit and development of suppliers.
Special prices
Due to large volumes of purchases, we can offer customers special prices for non-standard, customized components. And our own office in Shenzhen allows us to accelerate their development and to get a better quality inspection of components being manufactured in China.
Cables, flex cables