Trackers and sensors
Stand-alone trackers are designed to locate and remotely monitor assets. Built-in tracker sensors continuously track changes in position, temperature, and humidity.
Possible options and characteristics of trackers and sensors
Areas of use
  • Refrigeration equipment
  • Commercial equipment
  • Equipment for rent
  • Warehouse equipment

  • Monitoring of operating time
  • Shut-off valves open/closed
  • Climate control
  • Process monitoring
  • Field autonomous equipment
  • Stationary equipment
  • Rental equipment
  • Warehouse equipment
  • Concrete mixers
  • Large tools
  • Diesel generators
  • Non-stationary equipment
This is the direction in which our own cloud-based IoT platform can be implemented to manage a fleet of devices.
IoT platform is:
Dispatch center and work with events using a browser from anywhere in the world.
Work with the device management console and remote desktop.
Content management
Scheduling, uploading and changing content for one, a group or all devices.
* Options on request, not included in standard equipment