Electronics for transport
From car accessories to locomotive control systems
Nowadays, transport is not just a means of transportation, but also a place where communication and navigation services are concentrated, a place which is in close connection with the city infrastructure.
We are able to develop and manufacture complex electronic devices for vehicles that meet all standards of quality, security and autonomy.
Smart Car Camera Recorder
Compact device for corporate fleet management system. It is mounted on the windshield and captures all critical traffic situations and cases of dangerous driver behavior (falling asleep, distraction to the phone).

We have fully developed and organized serial production of this Dash Camera, integrating customer software into it. To implement this project, we chose the reference design on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 451 chipset, and also selected the optimal set of video sensors and optics. One of the most difficult tasks of the project was to organize heat removal from the microprocessor, since the resource-intensive application for pattern recognition keeps running in it, and the casing of the device can be in direct sunlight.
Our role:

Metro Rail Circuit Controller
Module in the automation cabinet at the subway station.

The main task facing us while manufacturing this module was to ensure maximum reliability and durability of the device.
Before the start of manufacturing, we made a DFM analysis of the design and the list of components, after that we corrected the documentation together with the customer. The design and manufacturing of transformers and radiators were custom-made.
The technology for applying a protective coating was also changed. All these measures, combined with the construction of new supply chains of components, allowed not only to ensure the constancy and predictability of quality, but also reduced the product cost in serial production.

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Contactless Bus Validator
The validator is mounted on a handrail in the passenger compartment of the bus; it is equipped with a 4.5-inch color display, contactless card reader and wireless Internet connection. A system of passive cooling and electric heating was implemented for quick start in frosty weather.

We made a deep redesign of the validator. The new solution was implemented on the Mediatek platform with a custom display, battery and all the necessary peripherals. In addition, an update of the operating system and payment application by air was implemented.
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Flexible Direction Indicator Board
Direction indicator board in car mirror

Rather a simple project, the main difficulty was to ensure a reduction in the product cost, with necessary passing fairly tough tests and a strict certification.
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