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New features for smart monitors: cost-effective and user-friendly

The remote control module that we developed for smart monitors is about technology, speed and practicality. We beta-tested it on a fleet of 20 devices and came to the same conclusion: yes, it is very handy indeed.
Our monitor is a multi-touch panel designed to display visual content and interact with the graphical interface. A beautiful and laconic device, for which we have implemented a special control system. The real-time remote control and software update function that we implemented allows us to quickly and flexibly manage devices in different parts of the world.
"Remote control is about saving resources: money and time," says Mikhail Chernenkiy, our product manager. - To make any manipulations on the device, you just need to press a few buttons on your PC. There is no need for a specialist to come to the place where the equipment is installed. You can control your devices from the comfort of your office.
You can do it manually or automatically, selecting only the required number of devices for updating. This option is especially important for wide geography of devices.
Our plans are global: even more new solutions for the development of the device management system and the connection of several thousand devices. After all, we aim to increase the appeal of our products to the consumer, making life with them easier and better.

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